Real-Time Call Routing (LRN)

Phone number LRN information for real-time call rating, routing and billing.

Accurate Call Routing and Billing
LRN info will help you determine the proper call routing/path.
Real-Time Data
MultiTEL's API provides real-time results.

LRN - Local Routing Number

LRN data allows you to route calls directly to the serving switch, without going through intermediate/tandem switches.

How LNP works and why LRN is needed?

Local Number Portability (LNP) is possible thanks to the Location Routing Number (LRN), a unique 10-digit telephone number assigned to each switch. Prior to the establishment of LNP, a telephone number's original state, rate center, service provider and carrier type (wireline, wireless, or VOIP) were identified in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) by the NPA (area code) and NXX (central office code). With the introduction of LNP, telephone numbers were being ported between service providers and a new way of determining the network address of the serving switch was needed to ensure the call was routed correctly. With that, the LRN was created. Decades of PSTN evolution have introduced state and LATA jurisdictions, number portability and VoIP calls, and each new development further complicated call routing and billing. Modern carriers use LRN data to quickly route calls to their proper jurisdiction and bill at the correct rate. Connecting calls without knowing the LRN typically costs carriers more and results in slower connections.

LCR Routing

Most USA carriers now route and bill using LRN data. If you are not using a LRN dipping service, you are likely paying 25 - 35% more than necessary for your voice traffic, experiencing more incomplete calls than necessary, and having difficulty reconciling invoices from your vendors. Using our Location Routing Number (LRN) dipping service, you can efficiently complete calls to the correct operator while avoiding dropped or incorrect calls and unnecessary and expensive default dips charged from a local exchange carrier (LEC) - all while minimizing capital investments and operational expenses. It is in every VoIP providers interest to make sure they have access to an LRN (Local Routing Number) dipping service.
Starting at $0.0015/query.


LRN Lookup

Call our API with a 10-digit phone number. The result will contain the Local Routing Number.

Get additional info

Use our API functions to obtain additional info such as:
- Has the number ever be ported?
- Is it landline, wireless, or is it VoIP?
The carrier
  • OCN
  • SPID
  • LATA
  • Location
  • Etc..
API Access

curl -X GET \
//Sample response:
  "status": {"code":200,"msg":""},
    "city":"NEW YORK",
    "lec":"VERIZON NEW YORK INC.",


LRN Data Features

Real-Time Data
Porting details are updated in real time.
Extended Lookup
Extended Lookup
Access carrier and number details beyond the LRN.
Programmatic API
Data for developers. All our data is delivered via programmatic API.
API Access
API Access
Request data via API HTTP or SIP from authenticated IP addresses.