Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

This communication regarding CPNI is provided in accordance with Federal Communication Commission regulations that require telecommunications carriers to provide notice concerning a carrier's use of CPNI. CPNI is the information that Multitel gathers about its customer that relates to the customer's usage of Multitel's telecommunications services, and that Multitel becomes aware of as a result of the customer-service provider relationship.

Multitel will only be contacting you regarding services that we are providing you or regarding services that we feel might be of interestet to you wish. Multitel may contact you from time to time regarding service changes, billing inquiries or usage-related inquiries. We may also contact you regarding network maintenance notices, downtime notifications or any other product or service related inquiry where we may feel it is imperative we communicate with you. We will never share your information with 3rd parties, be it service providers or data aggregators or any other commercial entity. We may share your contact information with state or federal government related entities, including but not limited to foreign telecom regulator or police organizations worldwide, upon receiving an official request to share this information (this can be a subpoena or any other valid legal request where we are required to share your information with such entities). We might not make you aware of such requests if these requests specifically require us not to disclose information about pending proceedings.

You have the right to restrict Multitel's use of your CPNI for these purposes. Your decision to restrict our use of CPNI will not affect the service(s) you receive from Multitel. If you wish to restrict Multitel's use of your CPNI, please notify Multitel, using the form below within 30 days of your account creation. Moreover, you may also contact us in writing at any time in the future to restrict the use of your information. If you elect not to restrict use of your CPNI, such authorization will become effective forty-five (45) days from the date you were informed of your CPNI rights and Multitel may use your CPNI solely for the purposes described in this notice. Your right to restrict Multitel's use of your CPNI does not apply to requests received from authorities.

You may change your decision at any time, but your decision will remain valid until you inform us otherwise.